What is "FLOW" and how does it impact you work performance?

 The concept of Flow has been widely researched for a number of years. It has informed the practice of Psychologists, Academics, Sports Professionals and Entrepreneurs. As a theoretical concept, it delves into the heart of why we are motivated to accomplish certain tasks and, when applied in a commercial context, Flow help business leaders and professionals to sustain their focus, explore their areas for development and leverage their strengths.

So, what is FLOW?

flow diagram.png

Developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow is defined as "the psychological mental state of a person who is immersed in an activity with energized concentration, optimal enjoyment, full involvement and intrinsic interests... who is usually focused, motivated, positive, energized and aligned with the task at hand" (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990)

Flow is the state of being that typically depicts the most enjoyable of our life experiences; when we aren't aware of the passage of time, when we feel a sense of sense of enjoyable harmony in our consciousness.

To understand how we arrive in the Flow state, why we stay there and how we can sustain our Flow experiences will be a unique journey of discovery for every person. By embarking on this journey we can uncover the roots of our intrinsic motivations and unlock the key of enhanced performance in all aspects of our lives.

If we apply the principles of energized concentration, optimal enjoyment, full involvement and intrinsic interest to how we approach our performance in the way we work, our recreational activities and our sense of personal development, we can establish and sustain the Flow state into every aspect of our lives.